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In line with supporting WiMAX users and providing efficient services, Irancell is providing the WiMAX CPE's upgrade files. Therefore, you can choose the file related to your CPE and download it to enhance your CPE's performance considerably.
Please note that once the upgrade is done:
1. The "Help" option will be added to the CPE pages.
2. The CPE security will enhance.
3. Receiving signals from the WiMAX network will increase.
4. Your CPE configurations will change back to EAP-TLS; i.e., every time you want to connect to internet, the portal page will be displayed which of course can easily be changed back to EAP-TTLS settings using the manual in the download file.
CPE Type
Upgrade File


 Download the file:

 Download the file:


  Download the file:


  Download the file:

Download the file:

 Download the file:
Modacom URoad 8000C
 Download the file:


This CPE will be updated automatically by MTNI ASAP.


In case you needed to download vcredist_X86 file (for 32bit operating systems), you can get it here.

You can also get the vcredist_X64 file (for 64bit operating systems), here.


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